The Solution

Fitness Renegades has been designed to get you results. We understand that getting
results is about coaching not just a room full of equipment.
We offer programs that cater from your Average Jane + Joe, to Professional Athletes and our endeared Fit 50+ members. We are focused on getting you results and have the best strategies available to achieve this. Whether you have never trained before or you are a seasoned gym veteran, we can help take you to the next level.



Strength Training; for body composition, strength, shape, and performance, Yoga; for active recovery, improved mobility and reduced risk of injury, Metabolic Conditioning; for improved fitness and accelerated fat-loss.



Phase 1: We focus on restoring gut heath and building a foundation based upon a whole food approach.

Phase 2:We personalise your nutrition program based on your body, goals and activity levels. Using state of the art technology we set you up with a super simple app to track your nutrition. We also teach you how to eat from a whole food approach but also include things that you enjoy (the things in life that we love, like a treat or an unadulterated family meal) while still getting the results. This is all about sustainability.



We are about changing your body so we track your results every week through our Inbody 570. This measures everything from your body fat levels, muscle mass, circumference measurements and even your visceral (internal organ) fat.



Our coaching team is passionately dedicated to your success. If you miss training session we know and will be on it like a bee to honey. Not only that but getting you to your long term goal is our bread and butter. We educate you through your journey with us, supporting you along the way with regular check ups and coaching calls to make sure you are achieving what you want.



This is where we shine. From our amazing coaches through to our members we have created a special support structure, because we understand that results come not only from ourselves, but from the environment and people around us. At Fitness Renegades you will find a family of incredible people who will support and assist you on your journey of change.
Like one of our Company Values says:

“We are All in this Together”

On The Fence?

We Completely Understand
There is so much out there in the Fitness and Nutrition industry and it can get overwhelming to say the least.
What we want you to know is that the founders of Fitness Renegades were two of Perth’s top personal trainers before starting the business. Fitness Renegades was created because they were tired of seeing people Not Getting Results; whether they couldn’t afford a PT for 3, 4 or 5 times a week, find a diet they could stick to or who were simply overwhelmed and confused with where to start and what to do. With this in mind, our programs have been carefully designed to get you the Results you want and make it affordable.

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