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At the core of what we do is our training. We provide you a fun, environment where we can train hard and push your limits under the guidance of our exceptional coaches. Gone are days of machines, step classes and treadmills... or at least it should be. At Fitness Renegades our training is based in the latest Strength and Conditioning performance training. What this means for you is the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. Best of all, every session is run by one of our team of exceptional coaches so you are never alone.

PHASE 1: 28 Day Transformation

Take the first step of your body transformation journey with our 28 day challenge. Here we will be working on the fundamentals of your strength training and taking you through our Phase 1 nutrition program. We will be doing body composition tracking through our Inbody 570 along the way to track your progress.
Price: $197*

PHASE 2: Renegade Strength

This program is the introduction into strength training. Also included is nutrition, coaching, accountability check ups, regular body composition analysis . Sign up now to get better results faster.
Price: $59 - $99*
Availability: 2 or 4 days

PHASE 3: Renegade Transformation

Our premium coaching service. Full scope of training provided including, metabolic conditioning, yoga as well as our transformation training. Personalised nutrition, regular body composition analysis, personal coach for accountability and support. Sign up now for the ultimate transformation program.
Price: $99 - $117*
Availability: 4 to 6 days
*Contact us for more information about pricing.
**Renegade Transformation programs include bonus yoga sessions.
***All sessions are 45 minutes long.
We Guarantee Your Results
Phase 1. 28 Day Challenge
Phase 2. Renegade Strength
Phase 3. Renegade Transformation
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